Hey! I’m Angela and I’m so glad you stopped by!

Apothecary Mommy is a blog at the junction of intention and practicality.  There’s things we all know we could (and maybe should) do for ourselves and our families per all the research, but then there’s real life.  Whether it be our past or particular character flaws, things get in the way of us being our ideal selves.  This is where self-examination, determination, and grace come in.  I want to be knowledgeable and equipped to be the best version of myself every single day- but I want to also live in the truth that my worth is not defined by my performance. While I’m committed to continual growth for myself, I know there will be times that I fall flat on my face.  There will be hardship.  These times are opportunities for learning and for being strengthened for the path I’ve set out on!  I don’t want to just survive with the information I seek out and learn; I want to apply it, tell others about it, and thrive!  Each day I’m given is a day full of new opportunities.  It’s up to me to dig deep, put myself to work, and be persistent.  It’s a messy journey from brokenness to living fully, but someone has to document it. This is where I talk about:

Success and Failure

Motherhood/Our Family

Natural Living

Nutrition/Real Food

Personal Growth and Reflection

Living with Purpose

I strive to inspire and encourage others, who, like me, don’t have it all figured out, but are teachable and willing to try!  I believe we are all happiest being ourselves, when we realize who that is and embrace it.  I believe change is a choice and that we all have the grit to do anything we want if our reason is strong enough.

About Me

With degrees in Medical Technology and Elementary Education, I was a fish out of water when I became a stay at home mama.  This whole idea of getting healthier started as I spent hours and hours of my time reading about whole foods and teaching myself to cook.  After discovering the good essential oils, my passion for teaching others about natural health couldn’t be contained.  As I grew into leadership and faced particular challenges in my own life, I began to seek out tools and resources to help me grow in authenticity, finding my voice.  I realized being healthy wasn’t just about food and natural remedies.  It’s about habits and thinking too!  I’ve been growing ever since!

As a mother, I want my children to learn to be the best versions of themselves too.  I strive everyday to teach them the value of working hard, failing well, and living loved. Since having children, I’ve become much more aware of how my own words and example affect the quality of their upbringing.  This is yet another motivation for me to be my best self.

Settling into my thirties, I’m finally discovering what I love and putting words to my own values, strengths, and desires for the future.  I ask lots of questions by nature and hoard online courses until I can binge-learn.   I’m also a Highly Sensitive Introvert and protect my quiet time fiercely.  My quiet time is when I like to reflect and recharge.  I hate competition unless I’m competing against myself, which is probably why I’m a goal setter.  I’m a recovering germaphobe and sugar addict.  I am always looking for a simpler, more predictable way to do just about everything but probably couldn’t get organized if my life depended on it.  With three healthy kiddos, I consider myself blessed beyond measure. I married my Marine in 2010 and we call Chesterfield, Virginia home for now.